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From classic European-style chocolates, to new world flavors, Chris Kollar has brought a taste of something new to Yountville in the heart of Napa Valley, California. Surrounded by wineries and world-renowned restaurants, a visit to Kollar Chocolates perfectly rounds out the Napa gourmet experience.

Artisan Chocolatier Chris Kollar welcomes customers to watch and learn about quality handmade chocolate through a glass show kitchen, where he produces his small batch confections. On the other side of the glass, the Kollar Chocolates team offers pre-packaged and to-order chocolates, Gelato, and Espresso coffee.

Kollar Chocolates' packaging is recyclable and uses fair trade and local seasonal ingredients whenever possible. For instance, lavender and fennel pollen truffles are made with flowers from certified organic Peter Jacobsen’s Orchards in Yountville.

Adrien Moreillon was able to capture Chris's vision in developing the brand, communicating the contrast between the intuitive and emotional aspect of creating new flavors and the more strict and methodical aspect of the processing of chocolate.

ADF4 Design and Baseline Developments came together to create this modern and European-influenced chocolate shop, introducing a refreshingly unique design to the Napa Valley; where industrial meets natural, Kollar Chocolates stands out with extraordinary details and an unforgettable “chocolate bar wall”.

Kollar Chocolates is also an exciting venue for private events and is pleased to feature its chocolates as corporate gifts or as hotel amenities.

Chris Kollar

Chocolatier Chris Kollar

Chris Kollar is a chef with a particular passion for chocolate. Trained as a savory chef, Chris is a self-taught chocolatier. His inspiration is European classic chocolate making. He has traveled Europe extensively, particularly Switzerland, France, and Italy to study and learn about classic chocolates, bringing this knowledge back to his own practice. Before Kollar Chocolates, Chris had worked in kitchens across the country and beyond for 19 years, starting with his hometown of Atlanta, then working around the country and the Cayman Islands. In 2001 he settled in the Napa Valley and worked at Domaine Chandon, Tra Vigne, Pinot Blanc, and Go Fish and ultimately at Peter Michael Winery in Calistoga as Executive Chef, where his passion for chocolate flourished.

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